Improving the human experience by understanding how our brains perceive, learn and interact with the world.

Using AI and other cutting edge technologies to advance brain research focused on:

  • Understanding the sensation-perception mechanisms and related systems of memory, attention, learning and expectations.
  • Advancing discoveries and applications that minimize the negative and enhance the positive impact of perceptions.

The ability to shape and refine perception will help us better understand our world, be it through more targeted therapies to alleviate negative psychological states such as depression or seamless brain-machine interfaces to enhance the utilization of mental capacity and capabilities.

Our Priorities

Leveraging the power of AI to accelerate fundamental research into brain function and how perceptions are formed

We are committed to bringing together the world’s most talented researchers across biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, the humanities and the social sciences. Armed with sophisticated AI tools, they investigate the complex interactions governing sensation, perception and cognition. We have three core areas of interest:


Our primary focus is interdisciplinary research in basic sciences to understand the brain at the level of the individual neuron and synapse. We support research that will deepen understanding of how the brain gathers, organizes and retains information, and translates perceptions into thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions and memories. Currently, limited understanding of these processes is a bottleneck for new discoveries in both brain treatment and development.