Chen Institute and Science Prize for AI Accelerated Research


The Chen Institute recognizes the potential of artificial intelligence to accelerate and expand scientific research. To encourage AI advancements and promote breakthroughs in the field we are organizing a prize in partnership with Science Magazine which will kick off in August 2024. The “Chen Institute and Science Prize for AI Accelerated Research” aims to foster innovation and celebrate advancements that have the potential to transform research and ultimately improve lives. Young scientists from across the globe are invited to showcase their AI-driven projects, solutions, and ideas.


Applicants will submit an essay describing work they’ve done using AI to accelerate any type of scientific research (it doesn’t have to be neuroscience). If the work has not yet been done, applicants will describe in detail their proposed approach.

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Recognize Excellence
Honor outstanding achievements of young scientists where AI has played a pivotal role in scientific discoveries or advancements.
Inspire Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between AI experts and scientists.
Promote Innovation
Drive the development and adoption of cutting-edge AI tools in various scientific domains.
Advance Knowledge
Facilitate the dissemination of AI-powered research to the global scientific community and the public.

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The “Chen Institute and Science Prize for AI Accelerated Research” will recognize innovative young researchers who apply innovative applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or Deep Learning, to address basic research questions in physical or life sciences.